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On January 2nd 1976, four 16 year-old African American boys, John Walker, Jr., Darryl Boyd, Darryn Gibson and Floyd Martin, were arrested for the murder of a 62 year old White man in Buffalo, NY. The first three boys had a public defender and Floyd Martin had a private attorney. The trial of the first three boys occurred first and they were sentenced to a combined total of 62 years in prison.

Floyd Martin’s attorney was able to introduce evidence that the police had failed to disclose in the trial of the first three co-defendants. Based on that evidence, Floyd Martin was found innocent and acquitted. John Walker served 21 years behind bars and has been on lifetime parole for the last 13 years; Darryl Boyd served 20 years behind bars and is scheduled to be released from parole on July 7th 2011. Darryn Gibson spent 32 years behind bars and after 8 months on parole, died suddenly of a heart attack in 2009.

This movie provides details and updates about the case, the struggle that John Walker has been leading over the last six years to overturn their indictment, and presents a call to action to help prevent such forms of injustice from happening to anyone.

This is a must-see movie because such injustice could very well happen to you.

Market Arcade Theater box office;
UMOJA MARKET PLACE at 950 E. Ferry St.
Buffalo, NY;
Doris Records, 286 E. Ferry Street Buffalo, NY;
Grant's Variety Shop at 1055 E. Ferry St.
Buffalo, NY.

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For more information: 716-603-0992, 716-578-5128, or
info@qualityoflifesolutions.net or go to www.justicedelayed.net

"If it could happen to John Walker, it could happen to you"

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